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Welcome to A Journey

Welcome to Room on the Edge, a site I started back in 2007 (!) as a place to share a fabulous journey – one in which I was learning and growing as a coach, and experimenting as an artist with the boundaries, crossovers and parallels between creativity in visual arts and in the coaching work I was doing. 

to Postcards From the Edge

This led on to Postcards from the Edge – a deck of cards I created with the coaching exercises that worked best with my own clients… a series of mini ‘Artists Dates‘, games and experiments people could do as they ventured on…

to Artists Adventures

And this in turn has led naturally to Artists Adventures, launched in 2015 – where I started leading people in person on these mini-adventures in their own creativity – a powerful, expressive and transformative journey through the colours and energies of the yogic chakras… using the postcards, travelling, exploring and adventuring !! And the feedback so far is overwhelming, humbling and fantastic…

So I’ve left Room on the Edge up here for now – there are some great interviews and articles here, but if you’d like to work with me, please come over to Artists Adventures now….


inspiration (+ a push)

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