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Getting Clear on What I Really Want – NEW iCourse!

Well, it’s been an interesting few months for me, diving into coaching full-time, working with some absolutely wonderful people and loving it! I’m so lucky to get paid now for what essentially is something I love. Do what you love, love what you do and all that…

But I know that it’s an elusive process – I’m still in it myself – finding yourself again after life seemed to have taken over for a while, re-connecting with what get’s you fired up on all cylinders, excited or impatient to get on with it – getting On Purpose, as Bob Proctor calls it.


So, in an effort to reach more people, I’m writing some short courses on specific topics that come up time and time again in coaching calls. My aim is to provide comprehensive but compact material, so that they’re quick to complete and you feel you’ve got somewhere through doing each one. Each course, like each of my coaching calls, has a specific end in mind – a target to reach – an place to get to and either rest a while and congratulate yourself for completing it, or pause briefly before starting the next one.

This first course is a basic foundation – Getting Clear – it’s step that many of us fail to take, but that is essential if we want results – positive active change in our lives. Dr. Joe Vitale has written extensively on this subject throughout his career – read his post ‘How to Get Clear About Anything: The 3 Magic Questions’. Oprah has a special de-clutter expert on her show, Peter Walsh, who helps you get clear both physically and mentally in different areas of your life with his book ‘Enough Already!.

Getting Clear on What I Really want is structured as a course of 5 sessions, each taking 20-30 minutes minimum to complete, though you can spend much more time developing your answers if you choose. The sessions contain a series of questions or exercises to work through, aimed at getting your thinking going, raising your self-awareness and getting you to really focus on the topic in hand – what you really want in your life.

Most people don’t bother to spend any time pro-actively thinking about what they really want in life – most of us manage a few vague daydreams or lottery-winner ideas which we believe deep-down will never happen. We may spend hours pouring through websites or brochures to select our next holiday destination, but no time at all thinking about how we’d like our relationships to be in 2 years’ time, or what our ideal (and I mean blue sky do anything you want ideal) working day would consist of, or what our bank balance should be in 2012 in order to feel financially free.


And if most people don’t think about what they really want, then even less people actually commit their ideas to paper. (I’ve created a workbook to accompany the course to help you do this). Research in the US has shown that people who write regularly write their intentions down and review them, even if they never actually achieve the specific things they wrote at the time, go on to be in the top 10% of the population financially. So, by the end of this course, my intention is that you’ll have written down some specific things that you Really Want and got clear about what having these things in your life will actually give you.

However, simply writing your dreams and ideas down won’t magically bring those things into your life, whatever films like ‘The Secret’, (which is one of my favourites) imply. No, you also have to take action towards making these things real – consistent, persistent, action with commitment. So, by the end of this course, you’ll have also identified some practical steps you can take immediately towards realising your intentions.

Finally, another trait that many successful people have in common is their ability to focus. By the end of the course, you’ll have prioritised your ideas and identified the most important ones to focus on first.

That may sound like a lot to cover, but it’s actually a very simple step-by-step course – as always, the value of the outcome is in the nature of the questions you ask – ask yourself more powerful questions and you’ll get more empowering answers.

You may want to take the course deeper and take the coaching around Getting Clear further, which is why I’m offering this topic at 3 different levels of coaching support. You can do it by yourself, working through the exercises and keep asking yourself more questions as you go (iCoach Bronze); or you can opt for iCoach Silver where you have the support of a coach at whatever point in the course you choose –  an hour long One-to-One coaching session via phone or Skype to really focus, plus a short consolidation session at the end of the course; or you could choose the Gold iCoach option, which includes One2One coaching right the way through the course (4 sessions, plus a consolidation session).

I’m really excited about launching these iCourses – I hope they’ll be useful and empowering and also fun.. let me know what you think – try iCoaching for yourself!


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