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Have Fun Playing with Money

It’s been one of those weeks where the subject of money has come up time and time again in my own personal life and in the lives of just about everyone I’ve spoken to it seems. There’s a general sense of there not being enough to go round… it all seems a bit serious and fraught and not much fun at all.


On a personal level, I’ve found it tough going because my income for the past month has dropped dramatically, almost overnight, and as a result, I also dropped my lovely daily ritual of managing my money the T Harv Eker way. I was happily on his 90-day MMI plan, on about Day 32, when I realised I couldn’t pay even the smallest daily amount into my Financial Freedom Fund, as I hadn’t earned or received any money for over 3 weeks. So my heart wasn’t in it, and I decided to take a break. Instead, I’ve taken to meditating with Holosync for 20 minutes a day, and also surfing the web for fun and engaging ways to learn more about money from all sorts of angles.

Recently, I’ve  found some great interactive sites including Rich Kid, Smart Kid (from Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad organisation) that teaches kids how to manage their cashflow through animated games, Wesabe; a community site that helps you take control of your accounts, your money and your debt, and a whole women’s network of Money Clubs to help you get support while you’re working all this stuff out. But this afternoon, while doing some web marketing research, I came across something even more fun – a money game for grown-ups –  The Prosperity Game. It’s free, it’s fun and most importantly, if my aim is to improve my money consciousness, I think it will work.

Today, in just 30 mins, I signed up, started my 100 Things Wish List (Be, Do, Have), began a Gratitude Journal (which is a fundamental part of T Harv’s MMI concept too), and received a Virtual Cheque for $100 to have fun spending on whatever I’d like to.

When was the last time you did that?


Earlier this year, I wrote a ‘Things I’d Like to Do in 2009’ list. I have a copy on my laptop, it’s written in my journal, some of the Things exist as pictures in a Vision book I made which I love poring over (bits of it are pictured above & below) – it’s all good Law of Attraction stuff. I also designed my iCourse to help others Get Clear on what they Really Want and bring these Things into their awareness (with great feedback from people who’ve done the course so far).


Some of my Things I’ve already achieved – hoorah! It works of course! But many of these are the smaller things that don’t necessarily cost much money, like going somewhere new, trying out a new recipe and meeting up with certain friends more frequently. The more expensive Things, most of which involve travel, I now realise I’ve psychologically shelved until our joint finances turn a magical corner, which I know they will…



Until then, lots of my Things are in waiting.

What my Things need is a Next Step.

Today, in the process of playing The Prosperity Game, I found myself actually on Skyscanner checking out the real costs for 4 flights to New York this December and then on a couple of hotel sites to see just how much a family room at that time of year in Manhattan would cost. During our 6 years in Spain, we’ve never taken a family holiday with all four of us together; I’d love to all go see the NYC Christmas lights, help the boys buy their presents for family and friends, go skating in Central Park, go to lots of museums and galleries and the zoo (aka Madagascar – the boys would love it!), eat bagels in warm, cosy coffee shops and just generally have the freedom to soak up the atmosphere and experience of an amazingly different place and and unique culture… bliss!.

And guess what? It felt amazingly possible for the first time. Even though the total cost estimate for this fantasy adventure was more that we’ve earned in the last 6 months, it somehow seems feasible, and much more real. That, for me, is a truly fundamental shift in money consciousness. And I haven’t even had the joy of spending my first 100 dollars yet…

Anyone else want to play?

Sign up here: The Prosperity Game

Have you found any fun ways that have helped you play with money and change your attitude?

Pleases share your comments below…


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