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Like to Meditate? 7 Great Meditation Resources

Like to Meditate? 7 Great Meditation Resources

We could all benefit from some time spent focusing within or connecting with source or simply not doing what we normally do in our busy daily lives. There are many, many forms and variations of meditation, from simply sitting alone focusing only on your breathing to group meditations aimed at promoting world peace, from lo-tech walking-in-nature meditations to hi-tech audio meditations that claim to alter your very brainwaves.

Which type would suit you best? That’s your journey of discovery… but here are a few different starting points you might find useful…

Zen meditation

Zen (Kodai-ji Temple, Kyoto)

Fun, interactive and very practical intro to Zen meditation practice.

Get Self

Max Simon wants to get 1 million more people meditating by 2010. Here are videos, resources and ideas around meditation and leadership – “Less stress. More Success.”

Seven Chakra Lotus Flower Guided Meditation

Fragrant Heart offer beautiful guided meditations and a 5 Day course in how to meditate – all free. They also have a blog and meditations on the Tarot.

Holosync Audio Technology

Open your mind, get your headphones on and supercharge your meditations. (Brian from Philosopher’s Notes loves these.)

Field of Flowers Meditation

A simple but beautiful meditation/visualisation to learn by yourself, leaving you full of Love, Energy & Light.

Wildmind Buddhist Meditation

A broad range of articles, videos and online tutorials on classic Buddhist meditation (also available in many languages besides English), including Six Element meditation, Loving Kindness meditation and Walking meditation. Their ‘Applied Meditation’ section covers yoga, health, depression, pain, and work in prisons. They have a blog and you they follow all things meditative on Twitter.

Transcendental Meditation

A simple yogic meditation technique that uses a mantra, or single (Sanskrit) word to meditate on, in order to help ease you quickly into a deep state of daily meditation. I learned this technique over 10 years ago, and though I haven’t practiced daily by any means, like riding a bike, I can get back into it almost immediately. I’m also always surprised that I never forget my mantra – it’s such a beautiful word to have in my consciousness.

Do you have your own favorite meditation practice? Please share them here – leave a comment! Thanks




    You can find weekly, practical inspiration at Goodlife ZEN. Get a new take on life, find creative ways to make your wildest dreams come true, and become what you aspire to be.

  2. michelle rumney

    Here are the new details of the next Virtual Zen Retreat:

    Virtual Zen Retreat 27 September – 04 October 2009
    Learn how to decrease anxiety
    Learn the power of positive rituals
    Be inspired for a positive future
    Find a Zen mind of peace

  3. michelle rumney

    Thanks David – Mary’s virtual retreat sounds great and I’m looking forward to joining in and learning more about Zen practice… well, no, I’m looking forward to DOING Zen practice, which is more the point.

  4. If you like Zen practice, you might like Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind Meditation.
    You can also see clips of him guiding a group on Youtube.
    Christine x

  5. michelle rumney

    Thanks Christine for the Genpo links – I found the interviews fascinating.
    There’s also a great Philosopher’s Note on the Zen Master Genpo Roshi’s amazing book “Big Mind, Big Self” – click the link on the sidebar to visit and download the mp3 and pdf there…

  6. Another great set of resources for meditation can be found at
    For over two decades, Brain Sync has been the leading developer of brain wave therapy programs. Now you can consistently enter into peak experience brain states and reap powerful benefits of brain wave entrainment therapy.

    Based on biofeedback research, and clinically proven, Brain Sync programs are used in hospitals and recommended by doctors and psychologists throughout the world.

  7. Thoughts from a songwriter-turned-king on the Voice behind creation.

  8. michelle rumney

    Try this beautiful Visual Meditation from Caroline Myss – a great way to set yourself up to have a truly fantastic day

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