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Aina Egeberg, Master NLP Trainer, Transformative Coach & Dragon Tamer

Aina Egeberg, Master NLP Trainer, Transformative Coach & Dragon Tamer


“You don’t have to struggle with your dragons for a lifetime……trust that things can radically change and they can change very quickly…”


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Aina Egeberg is a master coach and trainer who runs numerous workshops and programs to help people overcome their ‘dragons’, or the things that might be holding them back from creating truly amazing results and fulfillment in their lives. She works with individuals, teams and companies in over 25 countries worldwide and speaks six languages fluently, enabling her to reach many people with her transformational coaching.

She is also about to launch the ‘Body Transformation Program’, a web-based community site packed with coaching tools and resources, which helps people with weight issues to reach their optimum natural state effortlessly and permanently by focusing first on the body-mind connection, then on health and weight loss.

Here, she talks to Michelle about her work and the way she helps people move forward in their lives. She tells us about her personal journey to come to be doing what she’s doing now and some of her experiences along the way. She also describes:

  • Shadow energies, blocks and the importance of the mind-body connection
  • Chronic illness and holding-back patterns of behaviour
  • NLP, Marilyn Atkinson and the Core Transformation Process
  • The obesity epidemic and the effortless way to lose weight
  • Why willpower alone won’t work and how motivation dies
  • How our tendencies to filter the future through the past can lead to a life going nowhere
  • How your dragons can drive you in the wrong direction for you
  • Finding fulfillment through inner alignment

Aina’s favourite locations include: London, Norway, Spain and about 80 other countries: ‘leaving one place and finding the beauty in another…’

I hope you enjoy listening to Aina – if you’d like to contact her or find out more about her work, please visit:

Scintilla – for Performance and Spirit

The Body Transformation Program (to register your interest)


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