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Michael Bungay Stanier: Award-winning Coach, Author and Trainer

Michael Bungay Stanier: Award-winning Coach, Author and Trainer

“recognise that it is a struggle… it’s not an easy task for most of us… its actually something you need to work at through self-knowledge and through courage… stick with it as much as you can, because the only way forward is to move forward…”

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Are you doing Great Work? not just good work, but really Great Work? Michael Bungay Stanier asks the bigger questions and helps people focus on doing the work that has meaning and will make a difference. With his company, Box of Crayons, he’s created numerous practical tools to help others find their purpose and ‘stop the busywork and start the work that matters’, including books, workshops programs and some inspirational Flash movies (links below).

Here, he talks to Michelle about his work, what keeps him motivated and his ever-evolving journey.

He also talks about:

  • Shiny Object Syndrome and how he keeps focused
  • How it might be useful to you to predict the date of your own death
  • Why it’s impossible to do Great Work all by yourself
  • Starting, finishing and bringing ideas to life
  • Internal barriers and facing the tougher challenges
  • Improvisation comedy, Scrabble and how most people take things a whole lot too seriously
  • The gift of taking responsibility for your own freedom
  • Michael’s favourite locations include: Toronto and Canberra

    Just in case you’re wondering, the diagram on the right is The Possibility Arrow, one of the incredibly useful maps/tools in Do Your Great Work. Michael’s own personal mission is ‘to infect 1 billion people with the Possibility Virus’, so help him spread it around! Tell your friends, forward these links, email your colleagues, Tweet it, Facebook it, Link it IN…

    If you’d like to contact Michael or find out more about his work, please visit:

    Check out Michael Bungay Stanier’s new book “Do Your Great Work”

    Find Your Great Work – the website

    Box of Crayons Movies (including the Find Your Great Work movies)

    The 5.75 Questions You’ve Been Avoiding (movie)

    The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun (movie)

    The Possibility Virus (remember, he needs to infect 1 BILLION people – pass it on!)

    also read more about Michael’s work in this issue of Productive! Magazine


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    1. This looks great, I want to watch the movie, read the mag, get the Crayons, everything! But suddenly I remembered two or three busywork tasks I am putting off, so I will keep this as a treat for later – and this is how it always is for me. Mr Stanier will be pulling his curly hair out!

      Thanks for featuring it though, and i will share with other busyholics.

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