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Can You Kiss the Mirror Yet? (in Public)

How Much Do You Love Yourself?

(thanks to Alexandra Jaye for sharing this video on her fab My Goddess Life blog/site).

Of all the things Bob Proctor taught in a 3-Day seminar I attended in London last summer, one that’s stuck with me most is his attitude towards himself – he loves and accepts himself 100%. How cool is that? Paul Martinelli tells a story about traveling with Bob and walking through a section of an airport where there was a huge wall, all mirror. Bob walked right up to it and kissed his own reflection ‘mua, mua, mua, I love you so much!’ and not a bit embarrassed when everyone else stopped and stared. That’s 100%.

If we love and accept ourselves 100%, it allows us to be so much more than if we constantly check ourselves, criticize ourselves and tell ourselves how useless/dumb/lazy/arrogant/stupid/… or whatever we say we are.

And if we can do that for ourselves, we can extend that to everyone around us too. Less snide comments or even slightly gossipy conversations about what so-and-so should or shouldn’t do, less time finding fault with everything or moaning about what’s fair… Instead, more time supporting and encouraging our friends and associates or even complete strangers, more time noticing and celebrating what’s good around us and living in a true expression of our higher selves.

So how much do you love and accept yourself? Try this simple exercise:

Day 1

Just pay attention for a whole day on how many times a day you criticize or check your own behaviour, thoughts or actions. If you can, carry a notebook or your journal with you and note your observations. Review your findings at the end of the day.

  • How many criticisms did you make and what about?
  • How many times did you hold yourself back and in what situations?
  • How many times did your thoughts carry fear – of looking stupid, of doing the wrong thing, of upsetting someone… or whatever?
  • How do you feel about your current level of love and self-acceptance?
  • Anywhere near 100%?

What are you doing to yourself? more from Louise:

Day 2

Ok, so in the spirit of what you focus on, you get to keep, the next day, try the exercise in reverse. This time, pay attention for a whole day on how many times you encourage, support or praise your own behaviour, thoughts or actions. Again, if you can, write these down as you go. At the end of Day 2, how do you feel?

  • How many times did you encourage yourself and in what situations?
  • How many times did you give yourself a supportive thought to help you do what you were doing or about to do?
  • And how many times did you give yourself a ‘well done’ or ‘good job’ or other praise when you were doing something well or achieving what you set out to do?
  • What percentage of love and self-acceptance do you feel after a day like today?

Compare and contrast! YOU get to choose how you relate to yourself and what you say to yourself on a moment by moment basis. That’s 100% of the time. Despite what’s going on around you. Despite external circumstances. Despite every single other person on this planet. NO excuses.

So, are you kissing the mirror yet?!

Please add your thought and comments below – I’d love to hear from you. Mi xx

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