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Brian Johnson: Philosopher & Entrepreneur

Brian Johnson: Philosopher & Entrepreneur

brian_johnson“…we’re always at a new edge, there’s always that new frontier that we’re exploring and that comes with a certain level of tension, it comes with a certain level of anxiety at times and doubt at times, and that’s a good thing… celebrate the challenges rather than think they shouldn’t be there.”

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How do you introduce Brian Johnson? He rocks! A few years back, he decided “to give myself a Ph.D. in How to Live or Optimal Living with a specialization in Greatness, Bliss and Enthusiasm” and has spent the last year in Bali “reading and writing, meditating and teaching”.

The result, Philosophers Notes, is “an awe-inspiring collection of 6-page PDFs and 20-minute MP3s with the “Big Ideas” of 100 great books”, or in Brian’s words “Concentrated wisdom for the busy self-actualizer”. The collection is soon to be published together as a book, as Brian concentrates on a formulating a coherent philosophy for the 21st century: “Now I’m really excited to take the next step of my journey and share this with as many people as possible…”

Here, Brian talks – well chats and laughs 🙂 to Michelle about his work and about inspiring and empowering people to create their biggest lives. He tells us about his personal journey from California to Bali and back and how he came to be doing what he’s doing now. He also describes:

  • why it’s not about committing, but about re-committing
  • how he manages his creative projects despite his 5 cheeses
  • the best things about being a Gemini
  • how trusting and following ‘an inkling of bliss’ led to raising 5 million dollars
  • what he has yet to do to get his Masters and what he has to do before he grants himself his PhD
  • the theory and practice of living an Authentic Life
  • what 425 consecutive days of meditation can do for you
  • how to apply Universal Truths to the golf course
  • the key question above all over questions to ask yourself

Brian’s favourite locations include: Ephesus,Turkey & Bali

If you’d like to contact Brian or find out more about his work, please visit:

Philosophers Notes – Get Your Wisdom On!! Sign up and get access to all 100 recordings and .pdfs.

Philosophers Notes You Tube Channel

Philosophers Notes on Facebook

Brian’s Live Seminars on EduFire

Philosophers Notes Podcasts


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