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Jennifer Lee: Creative Coach, Artist & Yogini

Jennifer Lee: Creative Coach, Artist & Yogini

JenniferLeeGoing on a journey like this isn’t done in a vacuum – there are so many people who had been so incredibly supportive who had believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself…”
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Jennifer Lee uses creative and artistic techniques combined with coaching to help people get out of their normal left brain modes of thinking and move towards a clearer vision of a more authentic way of being. ‘I help them awaken their inner muse – that creative, intuitive part of them that we sometimes lose touch with in our day-to-day lives’.


Jennifer runs fun workshops and groups using tools like ‘Creative Play’, ‘The Unfolding Your Life Vision Kit’ and ‘The Right Brain Business Plan’ (click on the sidebar to get one!) to move her clients from big vision into practical action. “It’s seeing people light up! It’s like that lightbulb moment of when they really connect with that creative part of themselves, and that they know they are fully capable of making their dreams happen…”


Here, Jennifer describes her coaching and creative work to Michelle and how she helps women open up to their own creativity, using it in both their personal lives and to make their businesses thrive. Jennifer also tells us about her personal journey from corporate life through to empowering coach and intuitive artist, talking about:

  • How Visualisation can beat excel spreadsheets in actually getting your business plan done
  • The importance of celebrating, the ‘Freedom Party’ & helping your friends with their annual visions and goals
  • Expressive arts, magic, metaphors and painting the Unknown
  • Letting go of Perfection
  • Continual personal growth, teaching, learning and pushing our edges
  • Defining moments in the road from corporate success to needing to ‘earn my keep’
  • Setting clear goals or letting your life vision unfold?
  • How you probably know more than you think  you do about your life purpose
  • The practice of being a Yogini… and her worst habit!

Jennifer’s favourite locations include: walking her dog, Hawaii and Costa Rica.


To find out more about Jennifer’s work, here are some links:

Artizen Coaching: The Art of Unfolding Your Life Vision
The Right Brain Business Plan
Jennifer’s Personal Life Unfolds Blog
Blog Talk Radio – Interview with Jennifer about ‘Creative Play’ workshop
View from the Bay TV:

and visit my new site too – that’s come after taking Jenn’s Product Launch course


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