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Winifred Whitfield: Portrait Photographer & Artist

Winifred Whitfield: Portrait Photographer & Artist

Winifred Whitfield

Don’t wait to figure it out – start…
You can’t go wrong here, because there’s power in just getting going. Do something… You can’t make a mistake here – just get on, like live, come alive!

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Winifred Whitfield is an artist who specialises in making beautiful photographic portraits of women; “No matter your age or your weight, I will create a beautiful and flattering portrait of you as you would like to be seen and remembered”. Her process is twofold – the first stage involves a consultation  during which she and her client visualise the final image together, and later the taking of the portrait in the studio; and the second stage involves Photoshop and Painter, her digital toolkit, where she blends photography with the appearance of traditional art.


The final portraits – “my vision and artistic expression of my client’s image” – can literally change the way her clients see themselves; “the look in their eyes and the tears of joy I get to share with them when they have their finished portraits… that’s inspiration!”


(the ‘before’ painting shot – compare with the ‘after’ shot above, where Winifred has woven her magic)

Here she talks to Michelle about her personal journey, which includes Wall Street, a herd of llamas, a bactrian camel named Gobi, a dromedary named Butterscotch and a large dose of fearlessness in approaching new challenges! In Winifred’s words; ‘what’s to keep me living my dreams or the life that I choose, except for the way that I think about it?… and if I do not block myself with “I’m afraid”s or fears, it’s all there for me…’

Winifred also talks about;

  • How many women believe they are not photogenic or beautiful enough to have their portrait taken- until they see Winifred’s portfolio of ‘before and afters’ shots.
  • What she loves most about her work “This opportunity to touch lives is just so powerful… and to alter the way women feel about themselves.”
  • The ways in which we are all affected through the way we see ourselves.
  • The story of the blue butterfly – enhancing the healing process – life transition and metamorphosis.
  • Creating the perfect wedding venue – painting on a huge scale with plants and trees, land and textures.
  • Inner transformations, experience, significance and the power of a If I can think it, I can do it’ attitude.
  • Fearlessness, taking each next step, keeping focused on doing good work and how we hold ourselves back.
  • The importance of following your heart and what you truly want to do, despite current business ‘wisdom’ or what everyone else seems to be doing.
  • The nurturing power of Work as Joy.

Winifred’s favourite locations include: New York, her farm and her calm, very creative, very alive, ‘active place inside of me’.

To see more of Winifred’s work, go visit her website!:
Intimate Portraits for Women – Seeing the Soul
Winifred’s Blog



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  1. I love this interview and all your work and have sent it on to some of my favorite people. Many many thanks for you being you. I am so glad that you are my friend.


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