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How to harness your Feminine Energy? Look to the Moon…

Just a reminder that next week we have the first monthly call for 2010 with Donna Heath. She’s called the group the New Moon Wish Group, as the calls help you focus on your dreams and desires and start you actually planting the seeds to get those dreams going. You can read Donna’s own description of the group by CLICKING HERE.

I’ve been lucky enough to have been joining in with Donna’s New Moon calls for the past 6 months and I’ve loved every one. They are all different – with a different mood and tone, depending on which astrological sign each New Moon is in. Each moon has its own energy, which is where Donna helps you guide and direct your own energy and bring it into alignment with the moon’s energy.

Often, the call includes a visualisation, where Donna guides you through an imagined setting – to a place or an object that may have significance this month – somewhere you may discover something interesting or surprising that may trigger some sideways thinking before you set your wish or intention for the month ahead. I love this part of the call – it’s like a mini-adventure for me.

Before the end of each call, once Donna has shown us what this New Moon is all about, astrologically speaking, and how it may affect each of us on a personal energetic level, she asks us to spend a few minutes thinking about how we might use our energy, and what we might seek to achieve during the next month – then write this down and if we wish to, share our intentions with the rest of the group.

As I know from coaching, this is one of the most simple yet powerful things you can do with your ‘little’ ideas – when you commit an idea to paper or speak it out loud, somehow it grows immediately and, if you follow through by reading it at least once a day to yourself, as Donna suggests you do, over the whole month, it will tend to grow more quickly than you might imagine… I’ve surprised myself several times already on the following month’s call at just how much has happened in the right direction since the last call, so I’m really looking forward to the 2010 series…

In short, I recommend these calls, girls – ‘empowering’ and ‘fun‘ would be my two adjectives to describe them. If you’re in any doubt, just try one and see… hope

To join January’s call next week:

January 14th at 9am PST//5pm GMT: pre-register for the call by mailing Donna: CLICK HERE by January 11th. Please include your birth details (full date, time and place if possible).

Calls cost $20 US, payable via Paypal. Once you’ve registered and paid for the call, we’ll send you dial-in details. We use a US conference call provider – you can dial in via your normal telephone or via your computer using Skype or other voip service if you prefer, keeping call costs to an absolute minimum. Each month’s call lasts approximately 60 minutes.


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