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Sada Nam Kaur: Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Coach & Expert in Social & Emotional Intelligence

Sada Nam Kaur: Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Coach & Expert in Social & Emotional Intelligence

“Be able to say “I am who I am…” and that is that!”

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Sada Nam Kaur began coaching people on their personal development long before coaching became a recognised profession. Trained as a management consultant in the banking world, she adapted what she was teaching in business and applied the same principles to help people improve their own lives. “When we begin to know who we are, we begin to take steps in our authentic path, then we blossom – and that gives me huge joy”.

you_are_not_blogAt the same time, Sada Nam trained to teach Kundalini Yoga – “the yoga of consciousness”, which she found enabled herself and her clients to take this process even further, clearing the subconscious, building the nervous system and balancing the glandular system, allowing one to return to a “natural state, which is a state of trust and love and knowing”.

Here Sada Nam describes her work with coaching and Kundalini Yoga to Michelle – how she helps people build their emotional intelligence, their social intelligence and their spiritual intelligence; “when emotional and social intelligence is strong, our lives run smoothly, we have much less drama and we interact really well with the world, so we begin to develop more success, but in a very holistic way.”

Find out how you can:

  • Become more aware of the only 2 emotions that control our experience of life
  • Overcome the blocks that can’t be overcome through coaching
  • Feel more positive and optimistic and reach a state of “I can”
  • Connect to your purpose in life
  • Use specific meditations to address specific issues
  • Avoid the effects of having your heart and head out of balance
  • Improve your financial flow
  • Feel healthy, happy and spiritual

Sada Nam’s favorite location is where she lives – the Sierra Nevada and Granada area of southern Spain.

Find out more about Sada Nam’s work and upcoming distance learning programs by visiting her website: Blossom Coaching and her blog Be Inspired.



  1. it is easy to learn Yoga although it seems difficult at first try. I practice Yoga mainly for relaxation and for improving my blood circulation.

  2. Thanks, that is a very good contribution. I found it via Google and immediately incorporated into my feedreader. I am pleased to soon be back here to read again! Best greets

  3. Hi Michelle, your site is looking great and providing lots of positive energy. Even though I don't do yoga – or anything – any more, it still feels good to have Sada Nam living in the Alpujarras!

    Thanks for the inspiring content of your site, keep it up x

  4. Thanks Tara – I've just moved countries from the UK to Spain and am hoping to pick up and start interviewing again as soon as possible – glad you like this one – Sada Nam's words are truly inspiring.

  5. Eres un sol!! Thanks for the encouragement – I need lots! Say hi to the sunshine – it snowed here in London yesterday… I'm dreaming of a white Christmas… off to the ice rink with lots of positive, if rather chilly, energy!!


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