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Gideon Shalwick: Online Entrepreneur (& Trainee Magician)

Gideon Shalwick: Online Entrepreneur (& Trainee Magician)

“It is really like a game – you’ve gotta know the rules of the game, and it takes a while to learn those rules – once you know the rules, you’ve gotta play, you can’t just watch, you can’t just sit on the side and be a spectator and comment – you’ve got to get your hands dirty and start playing…”

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Gideon Shalwick’s journey is a pretty cool success story. Just four years ago he left a perfectly good job and moved country with the idea that he wanted to start his own business but he didn’t know what – “I was without a job – on purpose – and just exploring”. An internet marketing course got him started, then he tapped into his entrepreneurial and creative drive and his will “to do something that I enjoyed and loved” and began doing online video.

Today, he’s a leading expert in online video and marketing, and he does indeed have a job that he loves – “that doesn’t feel like work because I enjoy the process so much”, where now, money “is a side-effect, a by-product of what I’m doing”.

Here, Gideon tells Michelle how he got started and describes some of the more recent projects he’s been working on (which include a little magic!). He shares some insights into how the online business world works and where it might lead in the future. He talks about money and focus and fun and passion and change… and all with his absolutely contagious enthusiasm for what he’s doing. (just listen – it’s a great interview!)

Gideon also talks about:

  • Some very good reasons why you shouldn’t have a normal job
  • Building an email list from 0-13,000  “just using YouTube and a blog”
  • The Frequency Cycle – a vital key to succeeding and surviving online
  • Why money is like a mistress
  • Lessons learned from launching an online program
  • Being 5 Again – can you remember what you loved at that age? (it could be important to your success)
  • Why you really should be on a Mac if you want to create online video… and get ahead faster
  • How reading your email can be a bad habit

One of Gideon’s favourite location is the east coast of Australia, especially Mooloolaba and Maroochydore on The Sunshine Coast.

Check out Gideon’s work by visiting:
Gideon’s Blog: The “Behind the Scenes” of a Serial Online Entrepreneur

Become a Bloggerfree video tutorials to create your own blog

Free Magic Live free Magic Tricks you can learn in seconds

Click on the book to download a free copy of Gideon’s comprehensive e-book ‘Roadmap to Become a Blogger’.


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