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Michael Eldridge: Artist, Photographer & Creativity Coach

Michael Eldridge: Artist, Photographer & Creativity Coach

I just want to keep on doing the things I love –
I just think I’m very, very lucky

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Michael Eldridge has been exploring this ‘creative planet’ of ours all his life – he’s lived in New Zealand, South Africa, California, the UK and presently in the beautiful Tuscan hills in Italy. As an artist, he treasures the details – “the preciousness of just the moment” and this underpins everything he does. His latest photographic collaboration is called simply, “Trees and Sky“.

In this podcast, Michael talks to Michelle about his work as a painter, photographer and as a creativity coach, where his mission is to help people get totally absorbed in the creative process; “the challenge is to take away the fear – you know, so many people have an idea of making a mistake or looking stupid and all this sort of thing – that’s the challenge… you put them at their ease and then eventually they get absorbed”.

He also tells us about his personal journey – from winning a Fulbright Scholarship which helped him develop his photography in California, to the honor of having the first color photography exhibition at the Photographer’s Gallery in London. Michael became a lecturer and program director in art at Bournemouth University and also the Open University. He co-created unique programs, inspired by Krishnamurti’s seminars, which “taught a whole generation of young people creativity”.

Michael has now combined his experience with those of others to offer unique creativity workshops in Italy for anyone, from any walk of life, who’d like to expand their world.  “Creativity isn’t just painting or sculpture or ceramics or any particular disicipline like that – it’s just having a creative attitude – going out there and looking at every moment as being a creative possibility“.

Michael also describes:
• How each and every one of us is born creative
• Why people failed his courses on purpose
• How to trick your mind into letting you create
• Photography as a meditative process
• Why you don’t have to bust your brain about developing and planning your future
• How learning to be quiet can improve your artwork

Michael’s current favourite locations: Southern Italy, California, Nevada Deserts.

Find out more about Michael’s work by visiting:
Michael’s Art site: See more of Michael’s paintings and photography
Starstone Adventures: Michael’s workshops in Italy, Go! experience and expand your own creativity


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