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What’s Stopping You Doing Something You Love Doing?

Watching this short film this morning made me smile, big time – what better example do I need of someone who knows how to follow their bliss in a moment by moment way?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been very good at filling my time with lots of things I have to do every day – the list is endless and the question I ask then, is what’s stopping me – or you – not continuing to do that but instead putting a little extra effort in to do something we REALLY love doing, even if it brings us just a few treasured minutes or seconds of bliss at a time. It’s sooooooooo worth it! You know it will make you feel on top of the world, like you’re flying on air, or like nothing else matters. So why do we put these amazing moments off, sometimes indefinitely?

The flip side of the coin is what do we always find time to do, no matter what? Personally, I always find time to work, even if the boys are off school, like they are today, and even if I’m totally exhausted. So, if I can find time to work, then surely I can find time for the things that give me the most pleasure and fulfillment too? Well, working gives me both of those things in some ways – just not always in the extreme measure that the blissful things do.

Think of something that really gives you joy and just check-in right now with yourself the last time that you actually did it. What’s ‘stopping’ you do it today? If that seems impossible, what aspect or facet of it can you do today? For instance, if you thought – scuba diving – you may not be able to go diving today, but you could perhaps go for a swim, or check out options for your next trip, or visit the local aquarium just for fun… or… and if you thought that trip I took to Rome – well, you may be miles away, but you could maybe go grab an espresso, watch an Italian film, do a free online learn Italian session, visit the Prada store, look at some Da Vinci paintings, bake some cannelloni – the list is endless once you let your imagination looser than it normally might be.

  • So what gives you the most joy?
  • When was the last time you made a big effort to do something for a few minutes of pure Bliss?
  • And when are you going to allow yourself your next dose?

Please share them with us below…

And if you’d like to focus more on what you love doing, then check out The Right-Brain Business Plan page…


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  1. Had a tear in my eye watching that


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