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Jamie Ridler: Creative Living Coach

Jamie Ridler: Creative Living Coach



“The world needs what you have. There’s a reason you were given those gifts, there’s a reason you’re given those desires – they are worthy of time, attention, love, nurturing…

And it starts with you…”

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  • Are you a creative spirit trying to find your way out?
  • Are you at that point where it takes courage to take the next step?

If you think you might be, Jamie Ridler has created a special place – a place of fun, magic, community, and inspiration called Jamie Ridler Studios, where she brings her years of experience in theater and coaching together to help people find their beginning, their transformation point, on their personal journey through life – “…it can be so challenging because the road hasn’t been paved before, there are no signposts, people around you think you’re insane… I love that spirit, I love adventurousness, I love keeners who want to make something happen – make magic happen”.

Using a combination of workshops, one-on-one coaching, events and a bizzillion ideas, Jamie focuses on growth, courage, and empowerment. She creates her workshops carefully, providing unique environments, both in Toronto where she lives and online “…inviting people to stretch, to risk… and making it safe to do it  ….they can do it here in this space and then they can go out and do it in their life”. And after she’s helped them “across that bridge” to “finding more real honest self-expression, she makes sure she helps them celebrate too – “it’s like the best job ever!

Jamie literally loves her work “sharing the art love and the people love” or Exponential Goodness, as she calls it. “I love being with people in that moment where we’re saying “yes, yes, let’s go! I’m here – you can do this!

Here, Jamie talks to Michelle about her work, what drives her and about her own adventurous journey. She also talks about:

  • really scary places, leaps into the unknown and adventure buddies
  • why the last time you got a haircut or bought some new shoes matters
  • growing with grace
  • emotional rifts with money and how to cure them
  • authentic professionalism – are you prosperous, hip and enlightened?
  • why you might not want to rush through your next encounter with your accountant

Jamie’s favourite locations include: her Studio “empty and waiting for something to happen” and art galleries…

Join Jamie’s next group coaching program;

Jamie RIdler Circes Circle
Have your own Creative Dream Team by joining Jamie’s group coaching program Circe’s Circle. 10 weeks, 7 women and dreams come true! CLICK HERE to find our more. Registration is open now and the program starts in January 2011.

Jamie Ridler Studios - Creative Living

If you’d like to contact Jamie, listen to her podcasts or find out more about her work, please visit Jamie Ridler Studios

The Happy Book – a special project following 4 copies of The Happy Book on their way around the world, helped by the Bliss, Giggle, Glee and Mirth circles… love the videos!




  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity to chat about so much good stuff! It was a joy to talk to you, Michelle!

  2. You are so welcome Jamie! Likewise it was a joy – I hope other people will feel as inspired and like going out there and getting creative about it as I did after listening to it! Michelle xx

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