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Divine Birth

Divine Birth

Divine Birth by Snatam Kaur (review for Spirit

Described on the cover as “a meditation tool to deepen the blessing and divinity of pregnancy and parenthood”, this album is, for me, one of Snatam’s most beautiful and moving to date – in short, it’s pure bliss.

Not only is it beautiful to listen to, but it’s very practical too – these are tried and tested powerful shabads for parents, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. There are meditations for pregnancy, recitations to bless your child as s/he grows, and a lullaby to sooth her to sleep. In the booklet that comes with the CD, Snatam also shares her personal insights into each prayer and how she uses them on a daily basis to connect with her own daughter.

And, though this is a deeply personal album, it’s also open and inclusive – for me, the wonderful 25 minutes of Ja(n)miaa Pooth is just a beautiful place to be – pregnant or otherwise. Snatam says it helped during pregnancy to her drop her fears about birthing. Here, she and her mother, Prabhu Nam Kaur sing this shabad together with what I can only describe as devotion. It’s a truly moving ‘conversation’ between generations about the divinity or miracle of birth.

On the Inside of the CD cover there’s a quote from Guru Arjan which sums up this album perfectly – “and the mother’s heart is very blessed”. This truly is a gift to mothers-to-be and mothers everywhere.

Divine Birth is available on CD or as an MP3 from Spirit Voyage‘s website.

Divine Birth Previews and Associated Mantra Links are available below.

Song Title Length
1. Pootaa Mataa Kee Asees 16:21 See Mantra Info
2. Janmiah Pooth 25:08 See Mantra Info
3. Adi Shakti 11:15 See Mantra Info
4. Guru Ram Das Lullaby 6:58
5. Pootaa Mataa Kee Asees Recitation 5:32 See Mantra Info
6. Janmiah Pooth Recitation 6:04 See Mantra Info

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  1. Yogi Bhajan often talked about the power of a mother’s prayer as the strongest force on earth, and although we are not all mothers or even women, the power of standing in and praying on behalf of mothers, and even on behalf of the Divine Mother, holds power. – Ramdesh Kaur

    The current Global Sadhana ‘Elevating Ourselves, Blessing Our Children’ calls on the Pootaa Mataa Kee Asees Recitation previewed above. For more details visit:


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