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Ramdesh Kaur: Kundalini Yogini, Writer and Radio Presenter

Ramdesh Kaur: Kundalini Yogini, Writer and Radio Presenter

“Give me your 11 minutes and I’ll change your life in 40 days…”


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Ramdesh Kaur decided to become Kundalini yoga teacher after doing “everything that I didn’t like first”. She knew “very suddenly that it held the answer that I was looking for”. With a passionate belief that our natural state is bliss and her own experience that practising Kundalini yoga, meditation and mantra is one of the fastest ways to get there, Ramdesh now sees herself as ‘the mailman’ – “I just do my best to deliver it to as many people as possible”;

“…your authentic you is full of joy, so unless you are walking around in a state of bliss and joy 100% of the time, you are limiting yourself…”

With her work at Spirit Voyage, Ramdesh gets to interview a myriad of inspiring Kundalini musicians and singers, masters of the Sacred Sound Current. (She explains exactly what that is in this interview). She’s also the editor of Spirit Voyage’s blog and she regularly leads the 40 Day Saddhanas (personal daily meditation practice) that attract people from all over the world to join in.

She compares meditating to brushing your teeth; “when you’re not meditating – you’re not cleaning out  your mind, you’re not cleaning out your subconscious… there is gunk in there that you have got to start taking out…”

In this (fascinating) interview, Ramdesh talks to Michelle about her work, the ways she’s seen Kundalini help hundreds of people in their lives and about her own personal journey to her (evident!) state of joy and bliss. She also talks about:

  • Information age overwhelm and how to balance your brain
  • Why your mind isn’t you and how the other person is you
  • Fire ceremonies on the banks of the Ganges and how to disconnect from your own drama
  • The power of kriyas – how 150 people can all simultaneously have the same dreams
  • Darkness, light, miserableness and being your own ‘guru
  • How to deal with anger, mediocrity, struggle and isolation
  • The relationship between Bon Jovi and the Sacred Sound Current (!)
  • Putting yourself first and how to develop discipline

Ramdesh’s favorite places include:  Guru Ram Das Puri in Española – New Mexico, Rome, Capri, Paris, and Rishikesh – India.

The next 40 Day Global Sadhana which Ramdesh is leading is “Japji”, which starts on May 2nd – click the link to join or find out more.

Ramdesh’s weekly Spirit Voyage Radio show is on Unity.FM Thursdays at 4pm Central Time  – replays are available online for her previous shows.

Check out Spirit Voyage’s Blog to read an amazing range of feel good articles and to hear about future Global Sadhanas.

Also, check out Ramdesh’s Facebook page



  1. Sat Nam Ramdesh….

    I would love to organise a workshop/retreat with you at my retreat place in croatia…please let me know about the possibilities…
    Much Divine Light and many blessings,


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