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September in Le Marche?

September in Le Marche?


A gorgeous weekend retreat at Starstone Retreats in I Cigni, near Montefiore in Italy with Michael Eldridge and Michelle Rumney.

We hope that by joining us here, immersing yourself in a wide range of materials, techniques and fun BIG workshops with us, that by the time you leave – taking with you a sketchbook full of ideas of all shapes and sizes – you’ll feel energised, motivated and wonderfully inspired to pursue your own creativity further.



Big brushes, big colour and big canvas…

Creative weekend in Italy – 11th-14th September 2014

BIG YOU! says:
‘There is nothing more important and vital to life than creativity…all successful human endeavour is founded on it. You see, once you externalise the inner world of your imagination, a shift occurs and you glow; both you and the planet glow, and change takes place.’

We each of us are born with a desire to create. Sadly, for most of us, this gift is eroded by social and cultural conditioning, and we are left bereft of a crucial element in our lives. And we feel its absence.

The good news is that our creativity is indestructible and remains latent within us simply waiting to be revealed. Our fabulous weekends in Italy dive to the very heart of this hidden treasure trove and reveal that which has always been part of you, your natural creative self.

And what do we mean by creativity? We mean creative expression in all its possible forms. And our objective is to develop and nurture creative purpose and attitude in every aspect of peoples’ lives.

And of course the only real and lasting transformation is when we finally choose to dive into the ocean of our creativity; where the inner world of our imagination makes itself manifest in the so called outer world of reality, in the form of our art, in whichever way we may wish to express ourselves.

Starstone Retreats landscape

We make no distinction between any perceived or imagined levels of competence in any medium. The only requirements are a desire to laugh, to play and create (and for a while to leave your serious self in the parking lot). Emphasis is always on the development of the creative imagination, irrespective of chosen medium of expression.


 Michelle says…
“I see so many people try to paint without letting themselves really get into the physicality of the materials – the session includes painting with your non-dominant hand and painting on BIG surfaces with long handled brushes to help get over the tidiness and get into the fun of it.”


Michael says..
“I’ve done lots of this kind of work with folks, it’s very powerful and once you’ve painted out the dark cobwebs in your brain, you really begin to realise how cramped your life has become, you come to realise that you can begin to paint your every day, paint your life. It’s when your creativity becomes one with you and you with it.”

People who’ve already experienced a Starstone Creative Retreat say:

‘Thank you Michael – my mind,body and soul is full of the weekend, it was beautiful and I loved it. It is staying with me and was truly special…’  Belinda

‘Three weeks on and I am forming new habits that allow me to slow it down and take time to enjoy the now. The facilitation was fun and relaxed, the setting was perfect. Take time for the now. Relish every second…’  Vij 

‘A beautiful experience, both inspiring and transforming. Indeed a unique occasion in which I discovered that I am so much more than I ever imagined…’  Nieves 

‘It was a profound experience for me…’  Hazel

‘Your workshop was fantastic for me, a revelation, because it it opened up many doors of creativity within me which I didn’t know existed… Michael was great at getting the best out of you in a fun way – he is a great teacher, truly great”  

‘I’m still revelling in the beauty of the weekend  and wish we were still there playing, creating and laughing!’   Monique

‘A truly inspiring experience!’    Laura 


  • 11th-14th September 2014 – PAINTING BIG!


  • €385 per person for the 3-day retreat including 3 nights accommodation (Thu, Fri, Sat) including all meals, with full use of all facilities, pool etc..
  • Our workshop session begin on Thursday 11th September at 5pm and close after lunch on Sunday 14th September.
  • Arrive early or stay on at I Cigni after the retreat for €40 per night B&B, with full use of all facilities, pool, etc.


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You can fly!!

From UK, Ryanair flies from Stansted to Ancona, Pescara and Perugia. Then all you have to do is get on the local trains to either Ancona or Pescara (there is an airport bus to train stations from both airports), you get off at Pedaso and we will pick you from there. Many of our guests choose to fly, then hire a car – you’ll have the freedom to explore while you’re here.

Take a road trip…

Many of our guests love the adventure of the open road and the excuse to take an adventure by road together. Fill your car with friends, keep your travel costs to a minimum and enjoy September – a wonderful time to explore Italy by road.

Or journey by train:

Of course, Europe is well-connected by high-speed trains, then when you get closer, the little routes have their own distinct charm. Pedosa is our nearest station – we’ll pick you up from there.


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