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9 of the Best Visual Tools you can use…

I’ve been spring cleaning this site, as it’s evolved into Artists Adventures, but I don’t want to take this site down as there’s some useful content and great interviews on it (if I say so myself!). I came across this list, and although it’s a few year’s old, these links and examples still hold true. Now there’s a testament to authenticity ! I hope you find it useful…



  • 2.1 Find Your Great Work Maps: Find Your Great Work you can download the whole book, full of exercises, explanations and great suggestions for only $14.95.
  • 2.2 Visualisations: Google: ‘guided meditations’, plus Wendi Friesen, hypnotherapist, has some very powerful sessions available on her site.
  • 2.3 Coaching Cards: Hay House – there are about 80 different decks available.



  • 3.2 The Visual Web:
  • Headshots: Google: ‘headshot photographers’ or ‘portrait photographers’ check their portfolio to make sure you like their style.
  • Photographs: Getty Images, iStockPhoto or find a local photography course to improve your own shots.
  • Branding: Google: ‘branding designers’ or ‘branding consultants’ or when you see branding you like, ask who designed it
    Branding example: Fiona Harrold not necessarily that exciting (sorry Fiona) but then it’s not meant to be – it’s reassuring, clear and consistent, reflecting perfectly the image the coaching company wants its clients to ‘get’.

Also, consider helping those who are just starting out in their field – commission a fresh-out-of-college Flash animator, or website designer, photographer, filmmaker, or graphic wizz to help you create your materials. They’ll appreciate the opportunity and it may be the start of a great alliance…

  • Slideshow example: Slideshare
  • Video To Camera example: Wendi Friesen Wendy is a great presenter and shows how powerful a single-shot piece to camera can be.
  • Flash Animation example: The Great Work Movie – inspiring – watch it!!
  • How To Video example: HowCast, Videojug step-by-step video how-tos, even on coaching topics.
  • Web TV Channel example: Wendi Friesen on BlipTV and she’s got her own radio station too!! A true professional!


  • 3.3 Pecha Kucha: Wiki with links to examples and a full explanation.


If you’re overwhelmed at the moment and would like business development coaching, to get clear on how different media could work for your business and marketing, please contact me for a consultation – and please refer me too!

  • I offer help & advice (in plain English via Skype) on blogging, getting your website going, marketing strategy, web content, product creation, Mailchimp, Facebook, Pinterest, & interactive media of all sorts…

By the way, my own artwork is online here: Michelle Rumney Fine Artist


Visit OKSO, our media production company site to see recent examples of media-rich sites and web films (or just to watch some awesome flamenco and classical guitar music!).


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