room on the edge

inspiration (+ a push)

About Michelle

Well, I’m a:

  • Firestarter (helps gets you going, ooh yes)
  • Explorer (endless adventures together)
  • Torch (helps you see in the dark, guides you out into the light)
  • Energiser (reframe your perspective, shift your energy up a gear)

and I do this with you:

  • Playfully (I’m a Lego Master too!)
  • Practically (Taurean, a doer – it’s no good if it all stays up in your head forever)
  • Intuitively (you never know what might happen…)
  • Positively (glass half full to overflowing. Period.)

About Room on the Edge

I started Room on the Edge after coaching with the fabulous Bob Proctor. He said:

“If you’re not living on the edge, then you’re taking up too much room –

and there’s plenty of room on the edge…”

I wanted to help people (people like me) realise their full potential, share their amazing gifts more with the world and feel much more like they were on their right course, bringing more joy and fulfillment to themselves and those around them.

Specifically, I started working with;

  • Writers, who’d always wanted to get their book written, but somehow never got round to finishing (or starting) it
  • Creatives and artists, who were struggling to make their best work, too concerned with self-imposed limitations and that old chestnut, earning a living
  • Entrepreneurs, trying to set up businesses, non-profits or worthwhile projects, who had lots of great ideas (often way too many) and were overwhelmed by how much they would need to do to bring them to life

And I’m glad to say, I’m still working with clients just like me (and you!). Bright, intelligent people who have so much they want to do and manage to do it way faster and easier with the prompting and support of regular coaching.

So, it’s fun, it’s amazing, it’s adventurous, strenuous at times and ultimately joyful. Hello, lovely to meet you!

Looking forward to finding out more about you…

My Own Story so Far…

Michelle Rumney was born in England in 1967 and is the author of “Agnes Martin: A Journey, A Response” and several other books she hasn’t written yet. She uses the term Creative Coach to attempt to describe what she’s aiming at – helping people release their thinking and realise their Dreams, their Adventures and their personal Joy in life.

Alice in Wonderland

So, a summary of her own ventures so far: after film school in London, a year long journey of discovery in New Zealand and 10 years in the fast–paced world of special effects animation for commercials, plus a brief and wonderful stint at the Royal Opera House as a video and sound technician, she ran off to art college to learn to paint with mud.

Mariachi Dog

As part of an international exchange program, she journeyed to New Mexico to study shamanism, anthropology, minimalism and Zen art. After a further year developing her ideas about colour, people and life in Mexico City and researching her thesis through an art quest across the States with Jesse, her dog, she returned to the UK to graduate with first class honours.

Flamenco Frolics

Settling back into the familiar world of post production and media, she developed her business and management skills as a producer, heading up teams of web designers and game developers during the internet explosion. More interactive projects followed, but an opportunity to study art in Barcelona proved irresistible, so she fulfilled a long-term ambition to lead a bohemian life in Europe, spent a year sticking labels all over the place and was eventually awarded an MA.

Those Pesky Boys…

And then the most amazing venture of all (cliché but true) – parenthood! The birth of their first son, Hal, helped Michelle and David, her partner of more than 20 years decide to make the move to family-friendly Spain (ooh, 2 cliches in one paragraph).

A Tent in the Sun

Not content with the sole challenge of moving countries, they also took on the nearly impossible task of building their own home in a foreign language, having another child, TheO, and forming a small documentary production company. After living in a yurt in the garden for more than 2 years while the house was being built, they can say with confidence that they’ve experienced back to basic living first hand and are now grateful on a daily basis for hot water and also for no longer having to go outside to get anything from the fridge.

Adventures in Spain

Masterminding The Next Chapter…

Michelle’s path to coaching has been an intuitive one, having first launched her own ‘Think and Grow Rich’ Mastermind Group thanks to Bob Proctor (of the film ‘The Secret’) as an experiment in money consciousness. She discovered in the process that actually it was great fun helping other people work towards their goals, and very rewarding to put her creative skills to good use too. She trained as a coach with Noble Manhattan and, as she’s a fan of Skype, has clients in many continents, her own form of virtual travel.

Splashing Paint About

After re-entry to the UK via an amazing year in London, embracing the challenges of new networks and a whole different energy, she’s now come full circle and are blissfully in the heart of the English countryside in beautiful Dorset – almost right back where she started!! Yet another new chapter has begun. Meanwhile, with her Kundalini yoga practice bubbling and keeping her focused… she’s already plotting another family living adventure in a few years’ time to India, where her comfort zones will definitely be stretched and expanded some more…

Try out Michelle’s Creative Coaching for yourself – contact Michelle now to set up a (free) Introductory Creative Coaching Session and get started on your next creative adventure…