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inspiration (+ a push)

Creative Coaching

Get connected with the adventurous spirit in yourself! Push your edges, love the process, keep creating.


What we offer

For your Life:

  • phone-symbol-50The Art of Allowing Program (7 sessions in around 70 days) – a truly wonderful unfolding of your best self (via phone or skype in the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world!)
  • phone-symbol-5020:20 Vision Sessions – short, sharp, sweet – get clear, get back on track (with a smile via phone or skype)
  • DreamBox Evenings – add more joy, more fun into your life, for you AND your friends (workshop in person, at your home: UK: London, Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire)
  • Vision Book sessions – visualise the next chapters of your amazing life in glorious colour. Soooo inspiring! So good to hold in your hand and read… (workshop in person, at your home: UK: London, Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire)

For your Life’s Work:

  • phone-symbol-50Creative coaching For Writers – get past the blocks and get actually writing, instead of thinking about it, talking about it or just not doing it… (one-on-one via phone or skype)
  • phone-symbol-50Creative coaching For Artists – so much to do, most of it outside the studio it seems – get organised & focused and step it up where it belongs… (one-on-one via phone or skype)
  • phone-symbol-50THE RIGHT-BRAIN BUSINESS PLAN (over 4 intense or 8 more leisurely weeks) – get that inspiring business plan actually done and working for you! (group workshops & follow-up sessions via phone or skype)
  • Creative Workout Day – bring more fun & creativity into your workplace (in person group workshops by appointment – at your location: London & UK)
  • Supercharge on Location Business Weekends – treat yourself – inject some full-on inspiration and solid ideas into your business (and have fun, of course!). Rome, Paris, Kyoto… places to surprise and inspire… call me to discuss your ideal destination.

Get yourself inspired and into action! Michelle’s creative coaching packages, workshops and sessions are designed to challenge, inspire and support you through the amazing process of creating your own path.

Who it’s for

Freedom-lovers, Adventurous spirits, Entrepreneurs, business owners, team leaders, managers, creatives and artists who want to expand, step-up and have their businesses flourish – both in terms of ideas and innovation AND in very practical terms.

What we do

Play, laugh, have fun, work through things, invent, co-create. Write, scribble, sing. Meditate. Do things. Cut, paste. Plan, plot, doodle. (distract your conscious mind) Reflect. Review. Laugh some more… Get results.

What you get

Choose from short, sharp, shock treatments, an 8 week program, dynamic weekend adventures, or a fun creative workout day. If it’s not on the menu, let’s make it up…

What next?