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inspiration (+ a push)

Inspire Yourself

You are possibly the most inspiring person on the planet!! Yes, really – of all the people, YOU are the one with the most power to motivate, move and do (and the one with the greatest power to stop yourself achieving too).

So inspire yourself now!

Spend at least 20 of the 526,600 minutes this year focused just on you…

20:20 Vision Sessions
A dynamic, on the spot session (via Skype or phone) designed to get over any overwhelm, restore your enthusiasm and set you off again in the right direction – focused on the important stuff.

Re-energize your focus. That’s it, in a nutshell.

Available on Mondays and Wednesdays only – Just book one when you need one!

What to do next?

20 minutes for $20 (yes, that’s correct, dollars!).
Shift, reframe, move…

Contact Michelle to book your 20:20 session in…