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A series of fascinating interviews with experts in their fields who help people move forward in their lives. I talk to them about their work, their motivations and their personal journeys that led them to their work.

I love having these conversations and I hope you find the series both engaging and inspiring. There are also links and contact details for each of the interviewees, as I expect many of you will want to find out more about working with my wonderful guests.

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Agnes Martin, Artist:

The adventurous state of
mind is a high house

To enjoy life the adventurous
state of mind must be
grasped and maintained

The essential feature of
adventure is that it is a
going forward into
unknown territory

The joy of adventure is unaccountable

This is the attractiveness of
art work. It is adventurous
strenuous and joyful

agnes_martinAgnes Martin, Portrait by Charles R. Rushton

Agnes Martin, Artist
22 March 1912 – 16 December 2004

(Agnes Martin is one the people who’ve inspired me most on my own Journey)