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Postcards from the Edge

Postcards from the Edge

Week by week, one step at a time…

If you’re still talking about doing work that matters to you, but finding you’re not getting any nearer to actually doing it, try these: the most effective, fun, and make-a-difference exercises that I’ve used with my clients that really work…

Who they’re for

If you’ve got a busy lifestyle that’s packed full already (work, family, all the other stuff) but you want to find a way to make room for developing your creative work (your project/ enterprise/idea, your new/next business, your novel/screenplay/ art/photography… etc.).

What you do

Just follow the instructions, week by week: instead of fizz-bang or overwhelm, there is simply one card every week for 6 months with one action to take each card, steadily moving you closer to your goals.

The suits of the deck of cards help you keep focused – each week you do one of these;

  • Hearts to help you follow your Bliss
  • Clubs for your people you should know
  • Diamonds to polish your raw materials, gifts and talents
  • and Spades to get on and DO the work you need to do

What you get

One card (available as a download in .pdf format) every week for 28 weeks.
Each card contains instructions for a self-coaching exercise that takes an average of about 15 minutes to complete. They’re also beautiful, inspiring and fun!

What Results can you expect?

  • They’ll shift your thinking – where attention goes, energy flows. And this weekly dose of challenging & reframing your thinking about your ideas & your business will ultimately change the way you think about yourself – building more confidence and self-esteem.
  • They’ll keep you moving forward – if you just keep keeping busy, you might never start the work you know you’re capable of. The cards are easy to start & to keep momentum . They’re also beautiful and inspiring – a pleasure not a chore.
  • More bliss, more fulfilment! You’ll be surprised at how much difference even 15 minutes a week focusing on what you love doing makes. It’s you honouring what’s in your hand – your gifts and talents and ultimately it’s about giving your gift to the world. All fulfilling, soul-nurturing stuff.

Adventure into your own creativity

One step at a time, card by card…


I am very excited to have this once a week focus take me to a deeper place of understanding and relaxing into my being-ness!!!


Katie Adler / Tokyo

 Try them yourself

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