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#8 of 52: Two of Spades

#8 of 52: Two of Spades

Postcard 8 of 52: The Two of Spades: Every Day Act

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The Two of Spades: Every Day Act

Now this exercise can be very powerful indeed – if you actually commit to doing it each and every day. “It’s not discipline, it’s devotion” as Pavarotti once said.

It’s amazing how much your energy for the whole day can be set up so well just by indulging (there’s that word again!) in something you LOVE doing BEFORE you do everything else. Yes, please try doing this after brushing your teeth or whatever other Every Day Act you do first thing in the morning. It’s a priority and to get the most out of it, you simply put yourself first. Every day. No exceptions.

How does this benefit your business or career? Well, try it and see! Here are some benefits I’ve experienced myself.

  • You’ll probably be in a better mood all day for a start, which will subsequently benefit everyone you come into contact with.
  • Your mind may be freer from feeling bogged down with all the busy-ness and actually be able to strategize and plan and work on the business rather than in it.
  • You’ll smile more
  • You’ll get more done (yes, really)
  • You brain will come up with more (and better) solutions and ideas spontaneously
  • Your sense of intuition increases – follow your hunches more and make better decisions, rather than procrastinating
Here are the links to the Two’s blog posts, aimed to be a booster to help deepen the impact and also as a space for you to share your comments and thoughts week by week – please use this space!

Orange: The Twos = Getting into the Flow:

So, please indulge yourself once more in this, the last week of the orange Twos. Of course, we’d love to know what you choose to do and how it goes for you – please also share your stories below…