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Worst Case Scenario

Worst Case Scenario

05/20/2012  |  No Comments

I'm sorry Please forgive me I love you Thank you Ho-oponopono prayer Read more...

It's not Discipline, it's Devotion

It’s not Discipline, it’s Devotion

01/24/2012  |  No Comments

...we’re doing some things we really love to do. Every day. No exceptions. Read more...

Jamie Ridler: Creative Living Coach

Jamie Ridler: Creative Living Coach

05/24/2010  |  2 Comments

"The world needs what you have. There's a reason you were given those gifts, there's a reason you're given those... Read more...

What's Stopping You Doing Something You Love Doing?

What’s Stopping You Doing Something You Love Doing?

03/25/2010  |  1 Comment

I've been very good at filling my time with lots of things I have to do every day - the list is endless and the question I ask then, is what's stopping me - or you - not continuing to do that but instead Read more...

Following your bliss?… an example

Following your bliss?… an example

02/09/2010  |  No Comments

What a lovely film - someone who truly loves doing what they do...thank-you Tem. Do you love what you're doing so... Read more...

Sada Nam Kaur: Kundalini Yoga Teacher, Coach & Expert in Social & Emotional Intelligence

Why we do what we do and how we can do it better…

11/06/2009  |  No Comments

Still recovering from my Dragon-Taming (fab) experience - will post about this soon. Meanwhile then, I first watched this a... Read more...

This Day... Living in Gratitude

This Day… Living in Gratitude

10/04/2009  |  No Comments

share this wonderful and inspiring video from Brother David Steindl-Rast that Mary shared earlier today - pass it forward... and help make a few more people a few degrees happier today! Read more...

Can You Kiss the Mirror Yet? (in Public)

09/11/2009  |  No Comments

Of all the things Bob Proctor taught in a 3-Day seminar I attended in London last summer, one that's stuck with me most is his attitude towards himself - he loves and accepts himself 100%. How cool is that? Paul Martinelli tells a story about traveling with Bob and walking through a section of an airport where there was a huge wall, all mirror. Bob walked right up to it and kissed his own reflection 'mua, mua, mua, I love you so much!' and not a bit embarrassed when everyone else stopped and stared. Read more...

Andrew Hunter: Inter-Faith Minister & Spiritual Counselor

Andrew Hunter: Inter-Faith Minister & Spiritual Counselor

07/20/2009  |  No Comments

"Follow your heart, follow your curiosity... and don't let anything stop you..." Read more...

Like to Meditate? 7 Great Meditation Resources

Like to Meditate? 7 Great Meditation Resources

07/02/2009  |  8 Comments

We could all benefit from some time spent focusing within or connecting with source or simply not doing what we... Read more...

Stop Making Sense… Suicide and Six Year Olds

Stop Making Sense… Suicide and Six Year Olds

06/03/2009  |  No Comments

Three weeks ago, I took a birthday cake into school to celebrate Hal’s birthday. Juan was a star – he’d made a birthday crown for Hal and his classmate, Yedra, who was also celebrating her birthday. We sang happy birthday in Spanish and English for both of them and they got to blow out candles –double cake all round! It was lovely. Juan ran the party in such a way that all the kids got cake, juice, party balloons and had fun in the class, then got to run it all off outside in the patio straight afterwards. As we were clearing up, he mentioned that in September Hal will be going up to the ‘primera’ – the first class in the big school, rather than infantil. I asked him what he would do then and he shrugged, smiled and said – be here, of course, teaching the little ones – it’s what I do! He seemed fine and to be genuinely enjoying himself. And when I picked Hal up from school later that day, Juan had collated all the birthday pictures the other kids had drawn for him into a little book. It was a wonderfully thoughtful memento to give a child of their key milestones in their childhood… Read more...

5 Explanations Why you should Give More of What You Want More of…

04/28/2009  |  1 Comment

Thanks to Brian and his team at Philosopher's Notes for these great books full of inspirations. Get your Wisdom On! You... Read more...

Lost in words? Try these.

Lost in words? Try these.

02/12/2009  |  2 Comments

‘Be silently drawn…’ what a beautiful image. Silence on your Hero’s Journey, as Joseph Campbell called it. Imagine that in this world of planes, trains and automobiles. An inner journey though... it sounds peaceful and calm instead of the idea of stress and upheaval usually associated with change. Read more...