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Brian Johnson: Philosopher & Entrepreneur

Brian Johnson: Philosopher & Entrepreneur

10/09/2009  |  No Comments

"...we're always at a new edge, there's always that new frontier that we're exploring and that comes with a certain level of tension Read more...

How Many Snakes Can You Handle?

How Many Snakes Can You Handle?

03/21/2009  |  3 Comments

As the gap became wider, their attitudes towards playing changed dramatically - TheO realised he was way behind and started complaining that it wasn’t fair – he got cross and not surprisingly, started trying to cheat to catch up; while Hal, spurred on by his apparent success suddenly changed gear and really started playing to win. Read more...

The Inspiration of Success

09/22/2008  |  No Comments

So, to keep me going during this longer-than-planned journey, I am constantly seeking inspiration and reassurance. Apart from Bob Proctor's 'Insight of the Day' and Nightingale Conant's daily emails, which are great, occasionally it's just a real life example that's needed. Read more...

Just Focus – for 31 Days in a row

01/04/2008  |  No Comments

Well, I started a blog in October 2007 and called 90 Day Trial, but it was up a lot longer... Read more...