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September in Le Marche?

September in Le Marche?

06/18/2014  |  No Comments

Creative retreat weekends in Italy - May & September 2013. PAINTING BIG... Big brushes, big colour and big canvas... Read more...

It's not Discipline, it's Devotion

It’s not Discipline, it’s Devotion

01/24/2012  |  No Comments

...we’re doing some things we really love to do. Every day. No exceptions. Read more...

Work as Play

10/01/2009  |  No Comments

In today's Zen post, Mary shared this video by Alan Watts, filmed over 10 years ago talking about Work as Play, spontaneity, pleasure, Hindu philosophy, the atomic bomb and enjoying our lives. It's so NOT like the 15 second attention span, hi-speed, blip-verts that we're so accustomed to watching these days... change gear for a few minutes and maybe be inspired - he even sings at one point - magical! Read more...

It’s Not Funny, Is It?

It’s Not Funny, Is It?

04/03/2009  |  No Comments

laughter in my book just happens – and a lot, all day, every day– it’s not something that I’ve ever analysed or questioned before. I’ve always assumed that the world is a much happier and brighter place with more laughter in it... Read more...