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Faking it... or How to boost your Energy in just 5 minutes

Faking it… or How to boost your Energy in just 5 minutes

12/10/2011  |  No Comments

I find this series fascinating, because these short, intense experiences are so life-affirming. Read more...

To Juan… With Deepest Gratitude

To Juan… With Deepest Gratitude

06/04/2009  |  1 Comment

For loving them. For being there for them while you could be. You made a difference. Gracias. Read more...

Stop Making Sense… Suicide and Six Year Olds

Stop Making Sense… Suicide and Six Year Olds

06/03/2009  |  No Comments

Three weeks ago, I took a birthday cake into school to celebrate Hal’s birthday. Juan was a star – he’d made a birthday crown for Hal and his classmate, Yedra, who was also celebrating her birthday. We sang happy birthday in Spanish and English for both of them and they got to blow out candles –double cake all round! It was lovely. Juan ran the party in such a way that all the kids got cake, juice, party balloons and had fun in the class, then got to run it all off outside in the patio straight afterwards. As we were clearing up, he mentioned that in September Hal will be going up to the ‘primera’ – the first class in the big school, rather than infantil. I asked him what he would do then and he shrugged, smiled and said – be here, of course, teaching the little ones – it’s what I do! He seemed fine and to be genuinely enjoying himself. And when I picked Hal up from school later that day, Juan had collated all the birthday pictures the other kids had drawn for him into a little book. It was a wonderfully thoughtful memento to give a child of their key milestones in their childhood… Read more...

Bower Birds

10/26/2007  |  No Comments

What an amazing lifetime's work. There he was on the DVD, a little bit slower than he used to be, but still the same David, explaining gently to camera as he traipsed through some Australian subtropical forest, the fascinating details behind the behaviour of the male bowerbirds in that neck of the woods Read more...