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Michelle has a fluid, extremely imaginative approach to coaching which is evidently enhanced by her work as an artist, empathy and sensitivity to the creative soul. She is a breath of fresh air …

Ruthie Collins, Cambridge Art Salon, Cambridge, UK

“I enjoyed my coaching experience with Michelle very much. She is creative, fun and always managed to elicit the best ideas from me by asking insightful and thoughtful questions . She is calm and unflappable combined with a warm and supportive style . You really do feel that your success is her absolutely priority and that is a very nice feeling to have as a coachee . I would highly recommend her.”

Elaine Gleeson, The Opportunity Coach, London

Michelle is helping me to grow my business and helping me approach it with fun and ease, two things I need and two things that will ultimately help me attract more and more. This beginning to happen and I can feel my energy lighten and change. I feel as if I am coming into my own energy more and more, not trying to be someone else or do my work as someone else would, just to be myself. Michelle is allowing me the space to explore my feelings and challenges, in a safe and fun way that leave me feeling easier, calmer and lighter, thus helping me believe that this could be possible, it could happen and I have the abilities to make it happen, as I want it. So far, so good. Thank you Michelle.

Lou Requena, Focused Intention, Surrey

What I enjoyed about working with Michelle first and foremost was that she exercised a great amount of patience, empowered me to do what I thought was undoable and made my skills and knowledge development, fun and very easy.

Claudia Crawley, Winning Pathways Coaching, London

Michelle’s art coaching has released me from any time constraints or discipline restrictions I was trying to impose upon my art studio practice. This new feeling of total freedom I’m enjoying, has now been absorbed into all the areas of my art business, so my admin, marketing, research and exhibiting is all getting done easily and lovingly because I don’t HAVE TO do it anymore, I just let it all happen – Thanks Michelle!

Emma Plunkett, Miss, Granada, Spain

…In the beginning I wasn’t sure where it would lead… But interrelation with others is very stimulating and for that to work you need someone who holds it all together – Michelle is doing just that… It is more difficult to stay motivated on your own. For me this has not only been a case of setting goals… I think that the combination of guidance and feedback has improved my personal style considerably… Thank you!

James Delahaye, author of The Lethal Beauty of War , Switzerland/Spain


…Watching the release of synergy in the group has touched all of us… Michelle both responded creatively to the needs of the evolving group as well as thinking out a logical progression of sessions linking into each other and designed to help participants to move forward… getting people into the work and helping them to realize that joy of such activity and that is the magic that she unleashed…
I have become much more conscious of my need to act creatively in my life – I would highly recommend anyone to join such a group… Michelle established a very safe and trustworthy ambience from the beginning that honored and respected each individual and allowed creativity to flow. It has been a delightful and thoroughly fun and enjoyable experience.
Michelle’s energy and commitment to us all as individuals and as group members has been extraordinary… to help each individual to get the most out of themselves.

Mel O’Gorman, Director of The Shingirirai Trust, Zimbabwe