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DreamBox Sessions



Donʼt box yourself in, make a box instead!

  • Are you looking for more passion and purpose in your life?
  • Do you have a big dream but aren’t sure how to move forward?
  • Are you longing for more support and encouragement as you make your creative dreams real?


It’s a fun, interactive, and “out-of-the-box” workshop!

You’ll visualize your goals, you’ll create a unique, tangible reminder of your vision, and you’ll move into inspired action.


Here’s what we’ll be doing:

  • Welcome & Intros
  • Guided Visualisation, Journaling & Sharing Ideas
  • Demo of Découpage, Create the Dream Boxes
  • Show & Tell if you’d like to
  • Make it Real – create Strength Cards to go inside your box, Support Cards & Action Steps to help get you started
  • Share Thoughts to take away
  • Relax and celebrate together

No previous experience or ‘arty-crafty’ skills required!! Just show up with a box to play with and a few magazines… allow about 3 hours, though often people keep going after the session is over 🙂

What people said about our most recent DreamBox workshop:

  • “You’ll never guess what happened to me since I made my DreamBox…”
  • “You know I put a picture of a xxxx on my DreamBox? Well, last week…”
  • “I really enjoyed it and I’d like all my friends to do it too”
  • “It’s a rare opportunity to spend time with yourself exploring your dreams in a safe and creative environment”
  • “Now I’m clear on what I need to do next”
  • “It was the perfect workshop to ‘open me up’ to really connect to my dreams – and the creative aspect added will and fun, self-expression and a sense of satisfaction and achievement”  
  • “I feel more energised and focused…”
  • “I loved it – when’s the next one?!”

What you bring:

  • a box or container, ideally one with a lid, to decorate (such as a gift box or small shoebox, tissue box)
  • a few of your favourite picture-rich magazines, brochures etc.
  • something to write on/in  eg. a journal, sketchbook or notebook

What I bring:

  • glue sticks, scissors, more magazines, more boxes, card, coloured pens, paper, collage materials, feathers, sequins, shiny things  etc.

Just £30 per person for groups of 4 and up – allow 3 hours
* No art experience necessary & all materials provided
* Free ‘next steps’ dreamwork session for hostess
* Include your teens (it’s fun!)
* Gift cards available & special parties (Hen parties, Birthday gifts…)

Mail me or call Michelle on 07801 758 771 to book your workshop now…